Cured Sheep Cheese - QuesOncala

Cured Sheep Cheese - QuesOncala
Cured Sheep Cheese - QuesOncala
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Cured Sheep Cheese by QuesOncalaLogo Tierra de Sabor

QuesOncala is an artisanal cheese farm found in the picturesque highlands of Soria, near the village of Oncala, located at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level.

Their cheeses are handmade according to age old Spanish traditions, using only the finest raw milk from their own herds of sheep and goat.

The cheeses are slowly aged for over two months in their curing chambers.

QuesOncala belongs to the Association of Food Artisans of Castilla and Leon, and their cheeses bare the ‘Tierra de Sabor’ brand, which guarantees the exceptional quality of their products.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Sheep Milk, Lactic Cultures, Rennet, Lysozyme (from Egg White), Salt


2019: World Cheese Awards - Bronze

2019: World Cheese Awards - Bronze

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