Shower Gel ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (500 ml)

Shower Gel ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (500 ml)
Shower Gel ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (500 ml)
Brand: La Chinata Cosmetics
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Olive Oil Shower Gel ‘Classic Line’ by La ChinataLogo La Chinata Cosmetics

A thick and pearly gel with the unmistakable aroma of olive oil. This shower gel with olive oil is ideal for use on a daily basis, giving your skin a soft touch and feel after each shower.

Olive Oil has many properties that make it the perfect ally for the health of your skin tissue:

  • It is an extremely rich source of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), which contribute in restoring the natural levels of humidity in the skin.
  • The main component of olive oil, oleic acid, is a constituent of cell membranes and the skin.
  • Olive Oil is a very useful body emollient, and is commonly used in therapeutic massages.
  • It has a remarkable toning effect on the epidermis.
  • It protects the skin against external environmental factors, moisturizing it and maintaining the integral structure of the dermis, thus allowing for improved regeneration and greater firmness of the skin.

Instructions for Use: Apply and massage the body to obtain a clean and scented skin. Rinse thoroughly.
Contents: 500 ml

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