Hair Conditioner ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (250 ml)

Hair Conditioner ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (250 ml)
Hair Conditioner ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (250 ml)
Brand: La Chinata Cosmetics
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Olive Oil Hair Conditioner ‘Classic Line’ by La ChinataLogo La Chinata Cosmetics

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a key ingredient within the world of beauty and skincare.

Since ancient times, Mediterranean civilizations have used olive oil not only as food, but also as medicine and in the making of cosmetics.

Its high content of polyphenols and vitamin E makes it a powerful antioxidant. In addition, it deeply moisturizes and protects against the external climatic agents that cause the premature ageing of our skin and hair.

La Chinata’s Olive Oil Hair Conditioner provides the hair with nutrition, thanks to its perfect formulation with wheat germ oil, vitamin D and keratin, combined with regenerative properties of olive oil and the minerals found in thermal waters.

Moreover, it both strengthens and improves elasticity of the hair, which helps to prevent hair from breaking or splitting, thanks to the Keratrix natural active that remains on the hair fibres for a prolonged action.

Instructions for Use: Apply generously through the mid-lengths and ends, allowing it to act for 3 minutes. Then, brush hair to untangle, and rinse thoroughly with warm or cool water to obtain extra hair brightness.
Contents: 250 ml

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