Bee Pollen - La Chinata (130 g)

Bee Pollen - La Chinata (130 g)
Bee Pollen - La Chinata (130 g)
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Bee Pollen from Spain by La ChinataHoney from Spain

This Bee Pollen by La Chinata is an excellent source of vegetarian protein, and contains more amino acids than milk, cheese, meat and eggs.

In addition, it has a very low fat and sodium content and is a great source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, making it a great natural food supplement.

As pollen is easily absorbed by the body, it is advisable to have it during breakfast to benefit from its nutrients from early in the morning. In addition, it provides a large dose of energy.

Pollen granules can be added to fruits, smoothies, coffee, herbal teas, juices, yogurt, cereals or salads.

Presentation: Glass Jar
Net Weight: 130 g
Ingredients: 100% Polen from Spain

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