Rosemary Honey - La Chinata (250 g)

Rosemary Honey - La Chinata (250 g)
Rosemary Honey - La Chinata (250 g)
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Rosemary Honey from Spain by La ChinataHoney from Spain

Delicate floral aroma, sweet taste...

Honey is a source of health and life. For thousands of years, it has been used for gastronomic, cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, making it an essential product in the household, thanks to its uses and properties.

La Chinata’s honey has been extracted from five different plants, all known for their therapeutic properties. Each one has its own special taste and colour, the dark ones being richer in minerals and vitamins B and C, and with an intense taste. The clear ones have more vitamin A, and a milder taste.

Pure honey tends to solidify in cold temperature. If this should happen, we recommend heating it slightly in a ‘bain marie’ or in the microwave.

Presentation: Glass jar
Content: 250 g
Ingredients: Spanish Honey (100%)

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