Lustau ‘Don Nuño’ Solera Reserva - ‘Oloroso’ Sherry (750 ml)

Lustau ‘Don Nuño’ Solera Reserva - ‘Oloroso’ Sherry (750 ml)
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This is a dark but transparently clear, bronze colour wine with a coppery hue. Appetizing aromas are nut-like and true, cracked walnuts and pecans, with more subtle back notes of dried figs and dates. Nuts and lemony acidity on the palate. Full-bodied and quite dry on first tasting, opening up to just a faint hint of dried-fruit, brown-sugar sweetness in the smooth, mellow finish.

Pairing:  This full, dry wine really works best on its own, as an aperitif or for after-dinner sipping in place of a brandy. For the sake of experimentation, try with a Sichuan shredded-beef stir-fry for using a tablespoon or two of ‘Oloroso’ as an ingredient.

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