Moisturizing Hand Lotion - Olivita (380 ml)

Moisturizing Hand Lotion - Olivita (380 ml)
Moisturizing Hand Lotion - Olivita (380 ml)
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Moisturizing Hand Lotion with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spirulina & Camu CamuEcoCert Cosmos Organic Logo

This Moisturizing Hand Lotion by Olivita is the perfect solution to add hydration to our daily hand washing routine.

It is very light and fast absorbing, which helps to condition, soften and nourish the skin.

It is a very potent moisturizer, thanks to its content in Aloe Vera and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which help to restore the skin’s moisture levels through its essential fatty acids, leaving the skin feeling both soft and silky.

It has a great concentration of antioxidants, thanks to its formula with Spirulina, which inhibits the oxidative damage of DNA, as well as Camu Camu, one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C.

Its smooth and pleasant texture causes the lotion to be absorbed quickly, repairing any cracks, dryness or other skin conditions, without leaving any greasy feeling on the hands.

Contents: 380 ml

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