Shower Gel with Honey ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (500 ml)

Shower Gel with Honey ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (500 ml)
Shower Gel with Honey ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (500 ml)
Brand: La Chinata Cosmetics
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Shower Gel with Honey ‘Classic Line’ by La ChinataLogo La Chinata Cosmetics

This Shower Gel with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey by La Chinata is suitable for all types of skins, both normal and sensitive.

Its formula is based on components that soften, moisturize and cleanse the skin, and it has a combination of surfactants that clean the skin without causing any damage or irritation.

Furthermore, it is also contains honey, olive extract, royal jelly, propolis (bee glue) and marigold.

On the one hand, the honey acts as a natural moisturizer, nutrient and conditioner, and is also anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for delicate and sensitive skins. On the other hand, the royal jelly provides a soothing, toning and anti-inflammatory effect that helps regenerate skin tissue.

It has a very smooth texture and pleasant honey fragrance.

Instructions for Use: Apply and massage the skin to obtain a clean and scented skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Contents: 500 ml

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