Serrano Ham ‘Mature Reserve’ (Boned) - Mariano Gómez

Serrano Ham ‘Mature Reserve’ (Boned) - Mariano Gómez
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Mariano Gomez ‘Mature Reserve’ Serrano Hams (Boned) are unique, because they are produced one by one, selecting only the best raw materials, adding very little salt and taking good care of their correct curing throughout the entire process.

Each ham is given enough time to cure properly, with no hurry, in their strategically located natural drying houses in Fuendetodos (Aragon). This is the only way to fully guarantee the quality of Mariano Gomez Serrano Hams.

This careful and slow production process, where each ham is given the exact time it needs to mature, means that each ham reaches its optimum point of curing, aroma and flavour.

Quality Guarantee: From the moment the hams enter Mariano Gomez's drying houses to when they leave, ready to be eaten by the consumer, they are monitored by a traceability system, thereby guaranteeing food safety for the products from start to finish.

Presentation: Vacuum-packed boned ham.

Curing: 20 - 22 Months

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