Organic Chorizo ‘U’ - Luis Gil (280 g)

Organic Chorizo ‘U’ - Luis Gil (280 g)
Organic Chorizo ‘U’ - Luis Gil (280 g)
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Organic Cured Chorizo by Luis Gil

All Luis Gil products are 100% Organic, and are made from their own herd of pigs, which are all bred in complete freedom at their large eco-farm called ‘El Encinar de Ocon’, located in a privileged protected area of the Ocon Valley in La Rioja (Spain).

Luis Gil’s pigs are strong and healthy thoroughbred animals, and are adapted to the land, with the ability to live in freedom, permanently integrated with the environment. Their feed is completely natural, and includes acorns provided by Holm oaks on the eco-farm produced during the last months of the year. This diet is supplemented with organic, pesticide-free feed, which is rich in phytosanitary products and non-transgenic grains and oilseeds.

As a result, these products are of exceptional quality, very tasty, healthy, rich in protein, and guaranteed to be 100% natural.

Curing: 40 Days

Presentation: Vacuum-packed Chorizo.

Ingredients: Pork (Ham, Bacon), Garlic, Paprika, Salt

NOTE: Regarded the Best Organic Cured Chorizo in Spain by the Spanish Tasters Union

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