Cured Lamb Ham - Agnei Ibérico

Cured Lamb Ham - Agnei Ibérico
Cured Lamb Ham - Agnei Ibérico Cured Lamb Ham - Agnei Ibérico Cured Lamb Ham - Agnei Ibérico
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Cured Lamb Ham by Agnei IbéricoAgnei Iberico Logo

In years gone by, the shepherds of Aragon in Spain dried the meat of their Lambs in the cold and dry air of the Cierzo, the dominant wind in these lands at the foot of the Pyrenees and watered by the Ebro river, in order to be able to preserve it and consume it little by little.

Centuries later, Agnei Ibérico, from Grupo Pastores, have recovered this traditional and natural product, and they have applied this ancestral wisdom to the Agnei Ibérico, one of the finest lambs, to offer this delicacy to the most demanding palates.

The Agnei Ibérico Cured Lamb Ham is unique, completely different from those on the market because they are made from Lamb, a very special lamb. The natural diet and the relaxed aging of the Agnei Ibérico give it its particular aroma of Thyme and Rosemary that evokes the fields where it comes from. They are Iberian, with equal levels of oleic acid (51%) and unsaturated fats (60%) to those of the Iberian pig, and its high degree of fat infiltration makes it as tasty as it is healthy.

Presentation: Vacuum-packed Cured Lamb Ham, in a cotton sleeve
Approximate Weight: 900 - 1000 g

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