Whole Black Truffle (Case) - Amalur (12 g)

Whole Black Truffle (Case) - Amalur (12 g)
Whole Black Truffle (Case) - Amalur (12 g)
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Whole Black Truffle by Amalur

Amalur offers us this delicious treasure, the Black Truffle, in a comfortable glass jar.

The Black Truffle is harvested in winter among olive and oak trees, and has a potent yet delicate aroma.

This haute cuisine ingredient is worth trying in simple recipes such as baked potatoes, soft-boiled, fried or scrambled eggs, purees or pasta dishes. It is also delicious in risottos, with grilled meats, classic French fries or even with popcorn.

Presentation: Glass Jar inside a Cardboard Case
Ingredients: Truffle, Truffle Juice, Salt
Net Weight: 12 g
Drained Weight: 10 g

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