Pickled Mussel Pâté - La Chinata

Pickled Mussel Pâté - La Chinata
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La Chinata's Seafood Pâtés, made with their best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pickled mussels, tuna and extra virgin olive oil are the basic ingredients used to recall the unique taste of the typical Spanish 'Pickled Mussels' in the form of pâté.

We recommend eating it as an appetizer, generously spread on fresh bread or toast, or toast-like breads like Picos, Rosquitas or Regañas... Alternatively, add to salads and pasta, or use as a seasoning for baked or grilled fish, or as a flavour enhancer for rice dishes.

Contents: 120 g (Glass Jar)

Ingredients: Tuna, Mussels (20%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3%), Vegetable Oil, Milk, Mashed Potato, Egg, Vinegar, Salt and Spices

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