Sherry Vinegar PDO (Glass) - La Chinata (100 ml)

Sherry Vinegar PDO (Glass) - La Chinata (100 ml)
Sherry Vinegar PDO (Glass) - La Chinata (100 ml)
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Sherry Vinegar PDO Jerez by La ChinataSherry Vinegar PDO Jerez

La Chinata's Sherry Vinegar PDO is the first Spanish vinegar with Protected Designation of Origin from Jerez, in the province of Cadiz in the south of Spain.

Mahogany in colour and a generous aroma, with hints of the wood in which it is aged, La Chinata's Sherry Vinegar is a condiment that enhances the flavour of food with so much personality that it has become indispensable in the home, as well as in hotels and restaurants. Like fine perfume, just a few drops are enough to provide extra nuances to any salad, sauce or dish.

Ideal for vinaigrettes and salad dressings, as well as for adding a touch of flavour to different dishes.

Acidity: 7°
Presentation: Glass bottle
Contents: 100 ml

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