Scented Candle ‘Olive Tree Blossom’ - La Chinata

Scented Candle ‘Olive Tree Blossom’ - La Chinata
Scented Candle ‘Olive Tree Blossom’ - La Chinata
Brand: La Chinata Cosmetics
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Scented Candle ‘Olive Tree Blossom’ by La ChinataLa Chinata Logo

Fragrance of olive groves…

This Olive Tree Blossom Scented Candle by La Chinata is made with natural essence from Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Tree Blossom to arouse your senses with its fresh and intense olive fragrance and its tenuous and relaxing light.

It is an elegant candle, well-presented in a glass tumbler, and is perfect to create a cosy atmosphere at home or anywhere else, thanks to its pleasant and fresh aroma that brings to mind olive tree fields, so typically from the meadows in the south of Spain.

Its 100% cotton wick spreads the fresh aroma through the air, and provides a clean clear flame with practically no smoke, thereby creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

Its elegant and simple design makes it the perfect decorating piece for any kind of space, ready to be used at any time of the day or night.

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