Anti-Age Face Cream 'Men' - La Chinata (50 ml)

Anti-Age Face Cream 'Men' - La Chinata (50 ml)
Anti-Age Face Cream 'Men' - La Chinata (50 ml)
Brand: La Chinata Cosmetics
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Anti-Age Face Cream 'Men' by La ChinataLa Chinata Logo

If you were to use only one product, this Anti-Age Face Cream by La Chinata would be perfect!

It is a very complete face cream, with a very delicate and light texture, which is quickly absorbed, leaving a very pleasant sensation on the face.

Although it is a light cream in texture, it is very intense in formulation, thanks to its powerful active ingredient derived from olive oil, maslinic acid, which helps to repair, soften and minimize imperfections caused by the passage of time.

It is also very effective against the harmful effects of pollution, providing hydration, luminosity and uniformity to the skin.

Instructions for Use: Apply on the face with clean skin in the morning or at night, and spread with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

Contents: 50 ml

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