Sun Cream SPF 30 ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (150 ml)

Sun Cream SPF 30 ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (150 ml)
Sun Cream SPF 30 ‘Classic Line’ - La Chinata (150 ml)
Brand: La Chinata Cosmetics
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Olive Oil Sun Cream SPF 30 ‘Classic Line’ by La ChinataLogo La Chinata Cosmetics

La Chinata’s Olive Oil Sun Cream contains UVA sunscreen and UVB sun filter, and also acts a tanning cream.

It contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which guarantees elasticity, moisturizing and protection of your skin, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Moreover, thanks to its high vitamin E and carotene content, the olive oil effectively helps to slow down skin aging.

One of the main functions of extra virgin olive oil in sun creams is the high level of protection that it offers against the harmful rays of the sun, thus preventing erythema or skin rash.

Extra virgin olive oil is also an extremely rich source of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), which contribute in restoring the natural levels of humidity in the skin. Furthermore, it protects the skin against external environmental factors, moisturizing it and maintaining the integral structure of the dermis, thus allowing for improved regeneration and greater firmness of the skin.

Instructions for Use: Apply before exposure to sunlight, and reapply regularly, especially when exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time, after swimming or doing sports. For light skins, exposure to the sun should be progressive. Suitable for untanned, UV sensitive skins. Do not expose children under 3 years of age to direct sunlight.
Contents: 150 ml

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