Sheep Cheese ‘Roncal’ (PDO) - Ekia

Sheep Cheese ‘Roncal’ (PDO) - Ekia
Sheep Cheese ‘Roncal’ (PDO) - Ekia
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Sheep Cheese ‘Roncal’ (PDO) by EkiaLogo PDO Roncal

This classic Spanish cheese is made in the Roncal Valley in Navarre (northern Spain) by Ekia, traditional cheesemakers since 1992.

It is certified by the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) - Roncal, meaning that it is made from raw, whole sheep milk of the Rasa and Lacha breeds between the months of December to July.

It has a hard, natural rind covered with a layer of greyish mould. Its ivory white paste, which darkens slightly as the cheese ages, is firm, elastic and slightly grainy, with small, irregular holes.

It has a somewhat sweet, herbaceous flavour, thanks to the natural pastures of wild grasses, herbs and flowers on which the sheep graze, as well as a slightly spicy and buttery flavour.

Ingredients: Raw Sheep Milk, Salt, Rennet

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