Kiwi & Lemon Jam - La Chinata (170 g)

Kiwi & Lemon Jam - La Chinata (170 g)
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La Chinata brings you fresh seasonal fruit, all year long...

Depending on each season, nature brings us different varieties of fruit which provide us with minerals, vitamins, fibre, etc. Bottling it as preserve or jam has always been a natural method of preserving its properties for a long time. That's the reason why La Chinata has created a variety of limited production jams, mixing fresh fruit to get delicious and incomparable flavours.

They can be used for breakfast and as a mid-afternoon snack. They are also great as an ingredient for pastries and cooking in general. They give a sensational touch to salads and as garnish for meat, pork and chicken dishes.

Try the 8 new flavours of fruit jams: Fig & Melon, Cherry & Apricot, Kiwi & Strawberry, Pear & Kiwi, Melon & Lemon, Kiwi & Lemon, Fig & Pear, and Apple, Lemon & Cinnamon.

Contents: 170 g (Glass Jar)

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