Lustau ‘Jarana’ Solera Reserva - ‘Fino’ Sherry (750 ml)

Lustau ‘Jarana’ Solera Reserva - ‘Fino’ Sherry (750 ml)
Lustau ‘Jarana’ Solera Reserva - ‘Fino’ Sherry (750 ml)
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Bone dry and pale straw in colour. It is aged under a blanket of special yeast called ‘flor’, which gives it a light crisp acidity and snap with a leesy note reminiscent of aged champagne. Lightly fortified to about 15.5% alcohol. Surprising to many, it is a quintessentially fresh and fragile wine that must be drunk promptly to be at its best. Once open, a bottle is best consumed in within 3 or 4 days.

Pairing:  It should always be served chilled, and is the ultimate thirst quenching aperitif with almonds, olives, seafood and fried hors d’oeuvres, as well as with just about any salty or boldly flavoured appetizer you care to throw at it. It is also excellent with sushi and shellfish. Swirl your glass before every sip to release its delicate aromas.

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